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since a recent system upgrade, the community package ppsspp (a PSP emulator) got upgraded to the version 1.9.4-2 . Prior to this, i used to launch the emulator with ppsspp. Since then, I have to launch it with PPSSPPQt or PPSSPPHeadless (for the headless version).Along with a change in the name of the command, I can not use the emulator with the Vulkan renderer anymore. PPSSPPQt opens up the emulator with an OpenGL renderer. I have tried to restart it through the menu in the settings of the application, in order to change the renderer. The application stops and does not restart after that. There are no man pages, nor --help, and I do not think there are any options that we can add to the command line to change the renderer.



I do not have the 1.9.4-1 version of ppsspp anymore. It is not in the cache so I can not downgrade the package.Nonetheless, I do remember that I had a PPSSPPSDL binary, so it was the sdl2 version that I used.So if I understand, I can not use Vulkan until the Qt version implements it ?

I am not sure which renderer is optimal for my hardware. Maybe I should recompile ppsspp myself and compare vulkan and sdl2, with openGL and Qt.I consider the topic Solved, as I know where the problem is coming from, and the choice of fix is up to me.Thank you for your help.

A PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux, written in C++. Want to contribute? Join us on Discord at or in #ppsspp on freenode (IRC) or just send pull requests / issues. For discussion use the forums on

I found that the same developer that made chromium for openelec, developed also ppsspp for openelec,you can have it here =0for those who know, ppsspp is a psp emulator written in c++, and known as the fastest this days.

My request is this:This addon supports only x86_64 as well as chromium, and is based on ppsspp v0.9.0 which is 3 years old more or less, and now there is 1.2.2 already.If someone can port it to run on rpi, and update it to 1.2.2 041b061a72

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