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[S1E1] Stepping Stone

When the three siblings arrive at the drop, Jesse impulsively attacks one of the blackmailers just as he was about to leave with the cash. That causes a shootout, and in the ensuing chaos, the Gemstones strike both masked blackmailers with their car, leaving them severely injured or worse.

[S1E1] Stepping Stone

DaybreakSeason1Episode1.01Air dateJune 20, 2018WriterTaylor SheridanDirectorTaylor SheridanEpisode guideNext"Kill the Messenger"Daybreak is the first episode of the first season of Yellowstone. It aired on June 20, 2016.

In the series premiere of Yellowstone, John Dutton, patriarch of a Mountain ranching family and owner of the largest ranch in the US, fights to defend his land and his family from the modern-day forces that threaten his way of life: land developers, an Indian reservation and America's first National Park.

Later, Jamie Dutton speaks to a commission in the Montana capital building. He is arguing that land preservation and property rights take precedent over public expansion, making his position clear against a housing development that would take up part of the Dutton's Yellowstone Ranch. The chairwoman of the commission, Governor Perry, states that the plaintiff, Alan, must show public need, not public desire. She dismisses the case without making it go to a vote. The plaintiff approaches Jamie after the dismissal saying it's only 30,000 acres which is a very small amount of the ranch. Alan suggests the Dutton's can harvest the timber first without an environmental review. Jamie dismisses the idea and suggests that the town should expand up by building condos.

On the ranch, that afternoon, Lee has ridden out with other ranchers to go get their stray cattle who have wandered on to Broken Rock Reservation land. Broken Rock residents, including Robert, have taken down the barbed wire to allow the cattle to cross and are standing guard. One of the ranchers crosses the fencing line and both groups draw their riffles on each other. Robert holds one of the ranchers down in the dirt, saying that the moment the cattle walked on to their land, they could do as they pleased with them. Lee puts a gun to Robert's head so that Robert will let the rancher go. John arrives in the helicopter and talks to Ben Waters, head of the Reservation police force. Ben says that it's a tribal issue and no longer the business of the livestock commission. John however clearly lacks respect for Ben and goes to talk with Felix Long, Monica and Robert's grandfather. Felix says that he argued to give the cattle back to Yellowstone, but the new chief is hungry for a fight. He and John seem to want to work together and don't understand who benefits from the escalation of the conflict. John sees Kayce among the cattle and realizes that Kayce had helped Robert round them up. John orders the Yellowstone ranchers to clear out of the area for the time being.

On Tuesday, John goes to the Greater Montana Livestock Auction where he asks Jamie if they have any legal recourse on Reservation land. Jamie says they'll need friends in the US Attorney's office. John is approached by Dirk Hurdstram who is looking for a job his son with a criminal past, Jimmy. John says if he's going to do it, he'll do it his way. He then leaves quickly to talk to Governor Perry about the hearing about the housing development. It becomes clear that Perry and John have a friendly, possibly even romantic, relationship in which Perry favors Yellowstone Ranch in governmental issues.

Later that week, John goes to visit Kayce at his home on the Reservation. Kayce tells him he didn't know the cattle on the reservation belonged to Yellowstone. John says Kayce doesn't want to be on the wrong side of the conflict but Kayce is independently minded and doesn't want to take orders from his father. John pleads with Kayce to avoid trouble and asks if he can spend some time with Tate but Kayce says Tate is away at Monica's parents. In their conversation, John expresses a great deal of regret about their father-son relationship and says that all he wants is the opportunity to get to know Tate. After John leaves, Monica and Tate come out of the house making it clear that Kayce lied about Tate's whereabouts. Monica does not think highly of John but she agrees to it.

Rip Wheeler, one of the Yellowstone employee's, goes to see Jimmy Hurdstram at his trailer. He binds Jimmy to a chair and heats a branding iron. Rip says he'll give Jimmy two choices. He'll either take Jimmy and his stolen merchandise down to the sheriff's office or Jimmy can come to work at Yellowstone and wear the Yellowstone brand on his chest. Jimmy makes his choice and lets Rip burn him with the Y branding iron.

After taking Tate to get ice cream, Kayce takes Tate to Yellowstone Ranch to spend time with the Dutton family. Kayce hasn't seen his siblings for some time. The men saddle up their horses and go out to herd buffalo but Beth stays at the house saying she won't get near the horses. The family has an idyllic day of ridding and fishing. Lee, Jamie and Kayce have chosen very different life paths though Kayce's took him farthest away from the ranch.

Daemon hurls insults at Otto, who recently lost his wife, while Otto believes Daemon should return to Runestone to spend some time with his spouse, Lady Rhea. Daemon thinks sheep look better than her, which is just rude, dude.

The sakura gardens were deep in the heart of the Imperial Palace. There was a shortcut over the wall, but Kaito took the long route through the buildings and up the stone stairs. He was close to the emperor's chambers and Kyodai's temple; he had to at least appear to be on his best behavior.

A banging can be heard against the stone, and it begins to crack. Vax and Vex flank the stone wall. Another bang is heard, and a chunk of stone falls off the wall. Scanlan inspires Vex, Vax, and Grog, "I think you're really handsome and nice. You're going to have inspiration dice."

The thing behind the stone breaks through, scattering stone across the ground. A bulbous, oversized, naga-like creature with six different-colored naga heads stitched to its body emerges from the tunnel. 041b061a72

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