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More Dirty Debutantes 346 28 [HOT]

These are the private home videos from the Nasty Bros. This tape features men and women breaking their video virginity! In this two hour extravaganza you'll witness the likes of sexy Vanessa as she sucks on the huge Dark Dick, as she gets covered with his oozing cream. Jamie and Ed get behind Traci in a Nasty Butt Pounding, mouth watering, drooling action packed scene. The lovely and extremely sexy Porn Legend returns, Raven, after a 6 year vacation from the adult industry to get down and Nasty with Ed and Jamie. She leads you into scenes and tops off the volume with her own sizzling heat! Lance Heywood has his way with two of the cuties chicks ever appearing in this series, this guy has the knack of picking up gorgeous sun tanned beauties from all over the country! He brings them over to Ed and Jamie house for some overheated fun!There's so much more! In a Nasty Bros Video you never know what you may find! Lots more than any tape on the market today! The most talked about series continues! More Dirty Debutantes 4 takes you on a journey where no other amateur or private video has gone before! Tall, small, tight, erotic, blonde and beautiful and nasty, this video has got it all! Hot Latin fire, Big Black Cock, wet dripping pussies and gooey dripping cum, this video got it all!

more dirty debutantes 346 28


We're back! To give you more variety and loads of adult entertainment, so for two hours and twenty minutes, get ready and let the Nasty Bros. Introduce you to the sex, steamy talents of those daring to share themselves in front of the video camera for the first time. You'll see that Hot playmate at home with her husband, all ablaze with love and lust! You'll see lovely boxcover girl Nicole Sweet for the first time anywhere as Nasty Ed Powers makes her feel at home on camera. Randy and Ed are styling with the adorable Diana Deville and you'll witness Dianna's first anal experience. A lovely couple, John and Tina pump it hard as his member drives deep into her rear orifice? More Dirty Debutantes 9 is all Real, all Outrageous and all Fun! So join Ed, Randy, Playmate Teri Weigel and the others in an ultimate Adult Journey through fantasy's door and into the reality zone!

A Classic Tour De Force Of Sex!Talk about variety! On this DVD I've got women participating in the entire spectrum of sexuality! From shy- innocent girls who are only ready to take off their clothes- to more daring ones who will masturbate ... all the way to adventurous Debutantes whose fantasy is to have sex with a total stranger and even those girls willing to try anal sex for the first time!It's a classic tour de force in the true spontaneous style of DIRTY DEBUTANTES where you never know what will happen!

Volume 13 is Ed and Randy's lucky number! The Nasty Bros. Get down and serious with Kaiko, sharing her first time "on camera" explorations and her first experience with two men at once. Tangerine and her man share with you their little private games that have been previously reserved for their eyes only. Further human sexual behaviors unfold to a pulse pounding climax when out Native American Indian, Missy, shares all with Ed and Randy. You won't want to miss her first backdoor experience. There's so much more in this two hour and twenty minute volume! More Dirty Debutantes 13 is alive; it's alive I tell you! Flowing with real eager and happy people doing exactly what they once fantasized about. No volume is ever alike, and no person is ever the same.

Volume 14 is so fresh you might think you have to water it daily! The sexiest and most enthusiastic bunch of people pop-up and pop-in this volume of More Dirty Debutantes. Wait till you get a look at Kelly, Randy Jones, Julie, Marina, Christy Anne and Chrissy Anne. Wow! Fresh! That what they are, a refreshing cast to delight all of you! Witness first time, Girl on Girl action, back door action, two girls and a guy, big weenies, little weenies, and Ed's Weenie! Witness the evolution of Marina as she develops from shy to "I want more!" Each scene is its own story. Not a fabricated story, but a real one! Its all part of the lives willing to experience something new and exciting, you'll find it here in "More Dirty Debutantes 14."

There's Always a FIRST in Every BoxEight Separate Scenes! 6 New exciting Faces! 6 Ladies I in there Debut on DVD and some first time experiences, All for you. All new action More Dirty Debutantes 18 is the answer to all of the fans demands! New faces! Lots of back door action in 3 scenes! Variety! It's all here! This is not just and ordinary DVD its an invitation that's exclusive, a privilege to witness special moment in real people's lives. A new dimension in the genre of amateur adult DVDs. No Script! What happens is with desire and consent! Nobody appears in a Debutantes DVD without full understanding that they can do anything they want or as little! This is their memento be shared with you. The public. Randy West is back, The nasty bros. Reunite. The way you want them nasty but nice. Meet our Debutantes, Micki in a sizzling scene with her friend Pierre as he goes to the rear. Be there when Myria, The star of Ed's Deep inside Dirty Debutantes 3 and4 goes deeper in her first real life and reel life experience with a women. Sexy Sabre, Angel returns from Vol. 17 with more close up experience with old Ed. Meet Francesca Lei Before she was ever picked up a script! Go deep behind the scenes! The Bros get Angela Prima for a Primo Moment -- is it a bro-ment? It's all there for you in "More Dirty Debutantes 18".

More Dirty Debutantes 19 is more like 'Ed in Wonderland'. Ladies from India, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and exotic girls from the United States put a big smile on old Ed's face. These beauties are perfect, first time ever on camera bonified Debutantes. No pros here, just willing participants in the most explosive sexual social human behavioral study in a video series of our time. You know they expect realism, personality, and sexual awakenings as the sexiest women expose themselves from deep within for all the world to see. It's always amazing to see an average guy like Ed proves that a man's looks are only a part of it and that charm, humor and wit can be the keep to a woman's heart or libido! No script just pure unchained fun! Join Zuki Rena Shana and Lisa new faces exclusive to this series, in a hardcore feast for the eyes. Join Cheyenne and Chelsea Lynx who are soon to explode into stardom in the adult biz, see them before they pick up that script and start acting. Join Ed Powers the most active of the Nasty Bros as he shares with you all the realism and excitement in this all new adventure with a bevy of the finest and cutest ladies from all over the globe. It's a real global warming!

It's Lust in Ed's bed again! The Nasty Bro. shares some special intimate moments that go front and back and take you into the ins and outs! Check out the pictures on this DVD - every face is a soul and every person is different. With no scripts and no greedy rip-offs, More Dirty Debutantes is for real. Every breathtaking moment is a reaction. Look around you as the face of Adult Biz is changing. We are reading you letters and making every effort to give you more of what you want to see. So, get ready for new faces like the adorable Kim Chi and the enchanting Uma. Ed gets behind them all the way! Some ladies who go on to get into the biz pass through the chamber of the Nasty Brothers, like the vivacious Debera Wells, Kin Chang, Lydia Chanell and Chelsea Lynx. See them before they ever picked up a script. So let's enjoy another volume of More Dirty Debs. #22. Ed's world becomes one with yours. He may not be body-beautiful, but he is himself. Enjoy!Love, Ed and the Nasty Brothers.

Variety. Dynamic sensuality. Returning debutantes do an encore. Electrifying first-time experiences. These are some descriptions of "More Dirty Debutantes #23". Nikki Dial found her way to Ed's place. At that time, she did a solo but wasn't ready to jump into the adult biz. A message from Nikki to you to explains the true story. Witness the first-time on camera experience of one of the true super stars of adult entertainment. Nikki really gets herself off!Monique DeMone will soon hit the biz with a bang! Ed gets behind her to help her reach an orgasmic goal. Montana will also shortly hit the adult biz with a whambang! Ed and her go first, then Tabatha Cash, Bonita and Shawnee Cares jump in off for the ultimate group cum fest!Killian, Tia and Ashley Davidson step boldly forward to share with you a special moment in their lives. Killian and Tia are precious. Ashley may be looking for an acting award, but it does take all kinds.All in all, what does this synopsis mean? Variety. Dynamic sensuality and sexuality. Returning Debutantes ... etc ... etc ... etc ... Enjoy!

A Brazilian model introduces this high-impact variety show, More Dirty # Debutantes 29. Nine lovely ladies, five anal scenes, and the return of Jake Steed. The Lost Episode has been found with Lady Rose in her first appearance on-camera.all that can possibly fit in 2 hours and 17 minutes! A model from Brazil, Ms. Carie Vasalle won't go all the way, but she will strut her stuff and show off her sexy coochie. Ed bangs back with Tabitha Cash and Bonita in a sizzling rear action bonanza. Your letters have requested more of Tabitha and Bonita. Also returning are Dynasti and Tanya. Meet Shana Dove as Jake shows her just how Doves fly. Tom Byron has been bugging Ed to appear in a volume ,so here he is as we introduce Mandy Foxx and Jessie Jeanin in another ender -bender. Here it is - all for you! Enjoy!

A blend of a couple of lost episodes featuring first-timers with a new batch of lovely debutantes shapes up More Dirty Debutantes 3 into a powerful program. A luck fan, Dan, finds himself with an Ed Powers find, lovely Mia Serene. Mia is bound for more exposure in Ed's productions. We will all explore her sexuality with her as time goes by. The Canadian dancer, Carmen Sands, makes her first DVD. Her writhing body in orgasmic heights is a special sight for all you Deb lovers. Lost episodes featuring Bobbie West and Dream were found and now may treat your eyes and senses. Amber Smith from Black Dirty Debs returns for her oral Debut. Ed finds out why the red sun rises in Japan when Yoshiko bows her head in the doggie-style position. To some this series has become an integral sexual study. For others it has become a source of great adult entertainment and we are proud to provide it for you. After all, without you we would be a dusty DVD left on a shelf. So, get ready for pumping, probing, sucking, and licking with honest and real people, the fabulous Debutantes. Enjoy! 350c69d7ab


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