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If this were almost any other movie, you'd be able to write the rest of this review yourself. But you soon figure out that this is not the sort of film that sets up the standard elements and switches to autopilot. For one thing, Jensen makes Otto not merely the messenger who sets the tale in motion and then disappears, but a crucial second lead, and part of a trio filled out by a fellow probability expert named Lennart (Lars Brygmann), whose secret manias and aversions are a constant source of plot complications; and a tightly wound, emotional computer hacker named Emmenthaler (Nicolas Bro). All three characters are written and performed with such skill that they form a comedy trio: a motor-mouthed intellectual answer to the Three Stooges. Like Mathilde, Markus, and everyone else who passes in front of Jensen's viewfinder, Otto, Lennart and Emmenthaler are given endearing backstories that feed into the script's fascination with fate, chance, justice, karma, and other subjects rarely discussed in films where the hero is a scary bald dude who can snap a man's neck like a shingle.

Riders of Justice (2020)

The James Farmer Multicultural Center (JFMC) invites you to join an email list to receive weekly updates about events this year, which are continuing to be held in a virtual format. You can participate in events that interest you, share information about events with your students, or contact the JFMC to co-sponsor one of the cultural or social justice programs that aligns with your class syllabus or personal interests. It is always appreciated when you invite students to attend events as part of your class activities!

The University of Mary Washington Board of Visitors today voted to change the name of Trinkle Hall to James Farmer Hall. With this action, the Board memorialized a beloved member of the Mary Washington community who spent most of his career fighting injustices.

During the 10th year of our Range Rider Pilot Project, we continued to support coexistence in wolf country. The season ahead was challenging, yet virtually no wolf conflict with livestock occurred where these riders were deployed, and collaboration and creative thinking remain the path forward.

Through the Wolf Advisory Group, agreed on an updated Wolf-Livestock Interaction Protocol to improve performance and accountability of range riders working to reduce wolf-livestock conflict in Washington. 041b061a72

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